May 6, 2016

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It seems as if leather recliner chairs have been around forever. The use of recliners has increased in the past few years, and almost every household has this relaxing item now. What many people do not know is that these recliners were introduced in the 1920s. Once they were introduced, they saw a lot of fame among all kinds of people, not only the VIPs and the rich but also the middle-class families. In the early days when these recliners were introduced, there were not many types and not much comfort level was offered. Today, if you learn about recliners, you will come to know that there is a wide range that you can choose from. Each of these types offers a different level of comfort.

The reason that recliners are so famous is that they are very relaxing. Not only do they offer a relaxing experience, but they are also perfect for lounging. With a single press of a button, you can kick back and relax, reclining on the sofa and bringing the footrest up. It is not only the relaxation that makes it so popular; another excellent factor is how these recliners provide a comfortable support for the neck and lumbar. This is what makes these recliners good for people who have back or neck issues. You will find recliners to help you in massage, recline, rock, swivel, lift or simply allow you to sit up straight. These recliners are available in different sizes to fit everyone’s needs.

When choosing a recliner for your family, you need to consider the different styles and types of recliners. Every person has his own way of relaxing; the various types of recliners assure that every person’s relaxing needs are fulfilled. The recliner’s designs and styles are not limited. There are many types of recliners that are specifically designed for relaxation; some are designed to provide you relief from neck problems, while others provide relief from back problems. Here are the types of recliners that you will find in the market.

The Wall Huggers

These recliners are designed to take less space. If you have a small room, then go for these recliners. As they are inclined with the wall, they take less space and are for those people who want to sit straight. These recliners do not offer much movement, but their height can be adjusted.

For most wall hugging recliners, the price starts at $299.

The Lift Chair Recliners

If you search about recliners of this type, you will come to know that they have a motor mechanism. The mechanism pushes the recliner chair or the sofa upwards. These are also good for those people who have a bad knee condition. When the height of the recliner is increased, it is easy for the people with knee conditions to stand up.

For most lift recliners, the price starts at $899.

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The Massage Recliners

Another good quality recliner is the massage recliner. As the name suggests, these recliners have special mechanism in them which helps massage the neck and back. There are many types of massage recliners which also come in different shapes and prices depending on the quality.

For most quality massage recliners, the price starts at $700.

The traditional recliners

These are the recliners that have a simple style and might not even look like a recliner. Their style is like a wingback chair.

On average, these traditional recliners will cost you $299.

The Power Recliner

The thing about recliners of this sort is that they are designed for versatility and the maximum amount of comfort. With these power recliners, there is an added button which, when pushed, can shift the chair up and down and back and forth. The comfort level with these recliners is at the maximum.

The price of these recliners starts from $400 and increases depending on the style, type, and amount of features present in them.

The Rocker Recliners

These recliners offer a rocking motion, which is good for those who suffer from insomnia. The rocker recliners are mostly used by those people who want to sleep but are unable to. They are, therefore, good for sick people and nursing mothers.

On average, the price of these recliners starts at $300.